Co-calibrating Short Term, Mixed-Methods Based Momentary Assessments for Physical and Psychological Outcomes with Long Term Quality of Life Outcomes in Older Adults: An Evaluation of the coQoL Method

Vlad Manea1, Igor Matias2, Katarzyna Wac1,2
1University of Copenhagen, Denmark; 2University of Geneva, Switzerland

Abstract: Inactivity, lack of sleep, and poor nutrition predispose individuals to health risks. Momentary Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) assess short-term physical behaviors and psychological states for a given recall period (ranging from weeks to seconds) but suffer from reporting biases. Conversely, wearables are an increasingly accurate source of long-term behavioral Technology-Reported Outcomes (TechROs). However, the extent to which short-term PROs and TechROs provide convergent information is unknown. We propose the coQoL co-calibration method for short-term QoL and long-term TechRO and report its feasibility, reliability, and human factors influencing these. We present the first results for the coQoL method based on a dataset collected with 42 seniors for three years. Our results can inform designs of longitudinal assessments and, whenever appropriate, personalized interventions.

In SAA Conference 2021, Zurich, July 2, 2021

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